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We would like to inform our organization change from October 1,2018. To cope with change in business environment,

We have decided to reorganize the structure in order to strengthen and improve the efficiency of our organization.
We appreciate your patience and understanding in this change and look forward to your continued patronage. If you have any concerns about this organization change, please let us know.Organizational changes implemented October 1, 2018.

FUN FANCY Co.,Ltd. will be changed company name as “SERA HOLDINGS INC”


MARIN BIKES distribution will be strategically integrated to MARIN BIKES JAPAN.
New organization : MARIN BIKES JAPAN INC.


BMX categories distribution will be strategically integrated to ARES&Co.
New organization : ARES & Co.


Speciality MTB categories distribution will be strategically integrated to DELIGHTED CORP.
New organization : DELIGHTED CORP.

Best Regards


Katsuyuki Sera
Sera Holdings Inc. President/CEO